Airline Manager Secrets and Cheats

NOTE: These cheats do not work anymore

I am going to list here few tricks and cheats that you can use while playing airline manager on facebook. But be careful as some might get you banned from the game. For all of these tricks all you need is Google Chrome browser or Firefox with the Firebug add-on.

1- The BIG Money maker

For this cheat to work you need to have cargo planes, so get your pax points up and buy the cargo feature. Once you buy your cargo plane (get one that can carry big load for short distance, it makes more money) start creating its route (again demand is important,  distance is not) but stop at the point where you need to sign a contract. As you can see most prices are about $1.0 to $2.5. So pick any of these contracts, lets say the first one, and right click on the “Sign” button, from the list you will see an item called “Inspect Element” click on that and the browser will open a small box at the bottom of the page showing you some HTML code of that page and the code for the button you right click on is highlighted. See the picture:

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AirlineManager Ads Prices

While working on my script Autopilot to enable buying advertisement I started collecting information about the price changes over time, and found out that it is not actually random, but repeats every week. So here is a graph that shows the prices for 1 week and a table that shows the same thing and highlights the cheapest ones.

Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
12 AM 49890 48089 32080 43022 47017 32213 40693
01 AM 48089 19004 32043 48612 37768 35792 49415
02 AM 23896 7435 32845 50324 32213 45439 49838
03 AM 7831 14021 34475 47017 33869 49890 39308
04 AM 8870 25482 36853 40843 40693 49838 14928
05 AM 21458 8658 39801 35177 47250 43232 7530
06 AM 22775 20310 43022 32213 49890 23896 8870
07 AM 7366 21438 46112 32555 50097 9763 19060
08 AM 20310 8083 48612 35792 48089 7435 25482
09 AM 23447 9777 50105 40693 39308 8870 14038
10 AM 10094 39347 50324 45439 23896 16499 8675
11 AM 7531 50168 49229 48567 11851 24883 22794
12 PM 19045 43179 47017 49890 7831 22775 23447
01 PM 46167 32218 44070 50168 7473 11015 11824
02 PM 50109 49244 40843 49838 8870 8675 7472
03 PM 43179 36829 37768 48089 14021 20310 9777
04 PM 31976 36545 35177 43232 21458 25582 29278
05 PM 44098 49611 33289 34525 25585 19037 48103
06 PM 43972 43972 43972 43972 43972 43972 43972
07 PM 32043 41531 38967 36524 34439 32909 32080
08 PM 48612 38967 34439 32080 32845 36853 43022
09 PM 37768 36524 32080 34475 43022 50105 47017
10 PM 35792 34439 32845 43022 50324 40843 32213
11 PM 49415 32909 36853 50105 40843 31977 40693

Note: the table and graph timings are based on the US-Eastern Time (-5) so adjust your times accordingly. Also the listed prices are for the most expensive type of advertisements (Billboards on 20 international airports).

Autopilot (for FB Airline Manager)

NOTE: The script no longer works, and the development was stopped

After being bored with Airline Manager in Facebook in which you have to keep watching your airplanes when they arrive to send them in another flight, I decided to write my own script to use with greasemonkey in FireFox to do that thing for me. Basically, you will need a computer that is connected to the internet and running for most of the time. Install Firefox and add the Greasemonkey add-on to it, then install my script in greasmonkey and enable it if it is not enabled by default. Now when you visit the flight section of the game under facebook you will see the Auto Pilot control box (shown below) in the left column. Simply set the time that you want the script to repeat the task then click on the button. That’s it, now just watch the script fly the first 10 ready airplanes and the count down will start to trigger the next run.

كثير منا يجد العاب الفيسبوك (Facebook) مملة بعد فترة من اللعب بسبب ان اسلوب اللعب يصبح متكر ورتيب ومن امثلتها لعبه مدير الطيران (Airline manager) اذ يجب عليك متابعه مئات من الطائرات وانتظار وصولها لكي تقوم بارسالها مرة اخرى في رحلة جديدة، فلذك السبب قمت ببرمجة برنامج صغير يعمل في متصفح الفايرفوكس (Firefox) تحت اضافة قريسمونكي (Greasemonkey). فاذا كنت من من يلعب هذه اللعبة وعندك جهاز متصل بالانترنت ويعمل بشكل مستمر فكل ما عليك هو تركيب متصفح الفايرفوكس واضافة القريسمونكي له ثم تحميل برنامجي فيه ومن ثم قم بقتح صفحة اللعبة من الفيسبوك واضغط على رابط الطيران (Flight) و سوف تجد ادوات التحكم ظاهرة في الجهه اليسرى من الصفحة كما تراها في الصورة التالية. قم بتحديد الزمن الذي تريدة لتكرار عملية الطيران ثم اضغط زر (Auto Pilot) فسيقوم البرنامج بارسال اول 10 طائرات جاهزة ثم سيكرر العملية بعد انقضاء العد التنازلي.

Auto Pilot control box

Here is an image showing the position on the control box in the page:

هذه الصوره توضح موقع ادوات التحكم في الصفحة:

Download the code from here:
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احصل على بطل في ترافيان بدون أن تخسر جندي او فارس

(الطريقة هذه لا تعمل الان… يبدو ان الشركة قد حلت المشكلة)

هذا الموضوع يتحدث عن خدعة بسيطة اكتشفتها خلال لعبي للعبة الحرب ترافيان. كما يعلم لاعبوا ترافيان انه بامكانك الحصول على بطل واحد في قريتك وذلك بتدريب احد جنودك او فرسانك في قصر الابطال تدريب خاص يحول ذلك الجندي او الفارس الى بطل قوي. لكن هل بامكانك تدريب بطل مع ابقاء ذلك الجندي او الفارس؟ Continue reading “احصل على بطل في ترافيان بدون أن تخسر جندي او فارس”

Get a Travian Hero without losing a soldier or a knight

This is a small trick that I found while i was playing Travian, the online real-time war game. Travian players know that you can have only one hero for you village, and this hero is just one of your regular soldiers or knights that you choose to have a special training that makes him much stronger. So as I have said you have to taking an existing soldier and convert him to a hero. But what if you can train a hero from nothing and without losing any soldier or knight? Continue reading “Get a Travian Hero without losing a soldier or a knight”