Fedora 9 and UTC time problem

Fedora 9 was released I installed it on my laptop next to the pre-installed Fedora 8 and Windows XP. There are some issues with the release, like nVidia drivers, but I was expecting such things. However, there was one small problem that didn’t make since at first which is the time settings.

Whenever I change from Fedora 8 or Windows XP to the new Fedora 9  or vice versa the time of my machine will change, it will go backward or forward with a fixed offset, and I knew it is a problem with timezone. So before I explain the problem I would like to mention that each machine has a clock that works even if the machine is turned off, using a battery that is connected to the motherboard, and when the operating system boots it will read the time from that clock. Continue reading “Fedora 9 and UTC time problem”