Autopilot (for FB Airline Manager)

NOTE: The script no longer works, and the development was stopped

After being bored with Airline Manager in Facebook in which you have to keep watching your airplanes when they arrive to send them in another flight, I decided to write my own script to use with greasemonkey in FireFox to do that thing for me. Basically, you will need a computer that is connected to the internet and running for most of the time. Install Firefox and add the Greasemonkey add-on to it, then install my script in greasmonkey and enable it if it is not enabled by default. Now when you visit the flight section of the game under facebook you will see the Auto Pilot control box (shown below) in the left column. Simply set the time that you want the script to repeat the task then click on the button. That’s it, now just watch the script fly the first 10 ready airplanes and the count down will start to trigger the next run.

كثير منا يجد العاب الفيسبوك (Facebook) مملة بعد فترة من اللعب بسبب ان اسلوب اللعب يصبح متكر ورتيب ومن امثلتها لعبه مدير الطيران (Airline manager) اذ يجب عليك متابعه مئات من الطائرات وانتظار وصولها لكي تقوم بارسالها مرة اخرى في رحلة جديدة، فلذك السبب قمت ببرمجة برنامج صغير يعمل في متصفح الفايرفوكس (Firefox) تحت اضافة قريسمونكي (Greasemonkey). فاذا كنت من من يلعب هذه اللعبة وعندك جهاز متصل بالانترنت ويعمل بشكل مستمر فكل ما عليك هو تركيب متصفح الفايرفوكس واضافة القريسمونكي له ثم تحميل برنامجي فيه ومن ثم قم بقتح صفحة اللعبة من الفيسبوك واضغط على رابط الطيران (Flight) و سوف تجد ادوات التحكم ظاهرة في الجهه اليسرى من الصفحة كما تراها في الصورة التالية. قم بتحديد الزمن الذي تريدة لتكرار عملية الطيران ثم اضغط زر (Auto Pilot) فسيقوم البرنامج بارسال اول 10 طائرات جاهزة ثم سيكرر العملية بعد انقضاء العد التنازلي.

Auto Pilot control box

Here is an image showing the position on the control box in the page:

هذه الصوره توضح موقع ادوات التحكم في الصفحة:

Download the code from here:

Change log:
1.2.14: (July/28/2011)

  • Updating the script to work with new AM changes

1.2.13: (July/27/2011)

  • Fix fly link.

1.2.12: (July/25/2011)

  • Allow more wait time (up to 999 minutes + 999 random minutes), using longer time + random makes it hard to get detected ;)
  • Fix: the contol box might show up in a wierd location and cannot be clicked.
  • Fix: Update fly link.
  • Fix: Reset the tank max to 999999999 since AM will not accept 1000000000 even it is the max as they say!

1.2.11: (July/21/2011)

  • New: Buying advertisement is now possible.
  • Redesign the way tasks are being done to prevent some tasks from starting before other finish.
  • Added two fields to change the lucky fuel price and the max fuel tank capacity.
  • User interface enhancements.
  • Better use of CSS to make the code smaller and looks neat.

1.2.10: (July/04/2011)

  • Enhanced fly function will not reload for every patch of aircraft.
  • New: Lucky Fuel, when the fuel price drops to 50 (which happens once a month) fill the tank.
  • New: Options box to tune some of the script features to your liking:
    • Autostart on page load.
    • Change the delay and random delay times.

1.2.9: (Jun/10/2011)

  • New: Titlebar for the controlbox which is used to move it.
  • Update: Coloring the box to make it look nicer.

1.2.8: (Jun/8/2011)

  • New: Fuel Rescue option, if fuel tank is empty the script will buy enough fuel to fly the aircraft, no matter what the price is.
  • New: Autopilot Controlbox is movable, and the position will be saved.
  • Fix: Pages fetched will use the same protocol as the main page (http or https).
  • Update: If for unknow reasons a page won’t load, the script will reload AM
  • Removed some unused code.


  • Added Cargo flights.
  • Script tested and works under Google Chrome using “tampermonkey” extension.
  • Fixed some compatibility with Google Chrome.
  • Small fix to allow running on secure Facebook page (https).
  • Increasing the delay and random delay between tasks, to help people with slow connections and make the script a bit harder to detect.


  • Server update check of the script is back.
  • Added Tooltips to explain the functionality of the controlbox.
  • Enhanced fly function (if there are more than 10 aircraft waiting it will fly them in the same run).
  • Small changes and fixes here and there.


  • Aircraft fly Fix (Thanks Olla)


  • Fixed the script after the game code was updated.
  • Removed the Check4Update function  <– since this will be the last update (sorry guys, i would love to keep doing this but I have other stuff to do)
  • Included the developer code (all the code that I use for myself including the unused functions, debuging stuff)
    • If you open Firefox Error Console you can see the logs about what the script is doing, very helpful for debugging.
    • Buy airplanes and sell airplanes functions are there but need to be enabled and integrated to the controlbox.
    • Check4Update is still there but disabled, i will remove the file from my server later so the function will not be useful for this script but I kept the code for others to use if someone want to take over.


  • Fuel, now you can auto buy fuel by checking the fuel checkbox and setting the maximum amount needed and the highest price. It will check once every hour.
    (I found a way to fly the airplanes even with no fuel (negative amount) and was about to include it in the script but thought that would be cheating so I did not.)


  • Added ability to buy catering by selecting the type and amount, so it buys them before flying the airplanes. But you have to make sure that you put the right amount for the selected catering type (minimum and maximum) by following the values giving by the game otherwise it will not buy them. And when the catering finishes it will buy them again in the next round.


  • Added Note taker to keep notes about the game, like airport names, what to buy next…etc.
  • Fixed a bug in autoupdate if the version file on the server is not accessible.
  • Added a timeout for waiting loops so they will not loop forever in case a page did not load correctly.
  • Refresh (reload) the facebook page, including AM page, every 20 iterations to overcome a bug in AM (which i have no control over) that appears after keeping the script running for long time.


This version went through a restructuring of the code. In the previous versions I was injecting the whole code inside the AM page (AM iframe inside Facebook page to be precise) and because of that I was also storing the script settings as AM cookies. This approach is simple and makes interacting with the page easy, however, it makes it easy for AM admins to detect the script by either adding a function that searches for my functions or the entries in the cookies. In order to solve this problem I changed the way the script works. Now when you open the AM game under Facebook my script will be loaded twice, the first instance will load under Facebook frame and it will inject the AP Control box in that frame, which AM has no access to so they cannot detect it. The second instance will load under AM frame, however, it will not inject anything but rather will remain in Greasemonkey sandbox and that is also hidden from AM cannot be detected. The last thing is the settings which are now being stored in Firefox itself under GM settings using GM functions (GM_getValue & GM_setValue). The two script instances are working separately and cannot communicate with each other since they run under different domains ( & as this is a security feature enforced by Firefox to prevent malicious websites from accessing other websites functions and variables. To overcome this obstacle I used the GM stored settings which are shared by both instances to communicate. In addition to all of that I added some randomization to the timer so executing the tasks will not happen at the exact intervals.

  • Replaced using (eval) which can be harmful with location.assign
  • Settings are not stored in AM cookies anymore.
  • No code injection in AM page.
  • Time randomization.
  • Repairs and C-Check have their own check box so you can do one and not the other.
  • Auto check for script update every 3 days.
  • The timer now loops every 5 seconds instead of every 1 second to reduce the load on the browser.

* Note:

  • I recommend removing the stored cookies by the older version (delete all cookies if you are not sure how).
  • Even with all of these precautions this automating script can still be detected by AM admin if they want to, even though I don’t expect them to do it but they can detect and close your AM account. (Farmville knows about the automation tools and the users who use them but they did not prevent/block them because it did not harm them, rather it might have increase their users by keeping the lazy ones like me.)
  • I expect this version to have many bugs, because I did many changes. Also there are still some changes that I wanted to do but decided to release this first and work later on these changes and whatever bugs you guys find.


  • More enhancement to the C-Check and Repair, it should miss less repairs and checks now. Basically I increased the waiting delay between tasks to give more time for the pages to load before starting the new one. If your internet connection is slow and the script does not work as it should then try increasing the delay by modifying this part of the script “fDelay=5000”, 5000 means 5 seconds, set the value to something suitable for your net speed.
  • Repairs and C-Checks will not work after the new AM update (April-08), so in order to keep using the script to fly airplanes uncheck the repair box, and kindly wait for the coming update.


  • Solved the problem of not working under Firefox 3.6.x.
  • Removed the dependency on jQuery.
  • Fixed a bug that causes the control box not to show if the airline is not AM trusted.
  • The C-Check and Repairs are not perfect and it get missed sometimes


  • Major change in how the script works.
  • Added the ability to repair airplanes and do C-Check before flying them.
  • Save control box settings in AM cookies.
  • Will load on all AM pages not just the Flight page.
  • Fixed the file name so it will install directly by greasmonkey
  • This version does not work with the new Firefox 3.6.x, I am trying to solve this issue.


  • Inisial release.

Disclaimer: The author of this script cannot be held responsible for any thing that might result from using this code, so use it at your own risk.

تنويه: المبرمج لن يتحمل مسئولية اي اضرار قد تنجم عن استخدام هذا البرنامج، فاستخدمة على مسؤليتك.

201 thoughts on “Autopilot (for FB Airline Manager)”

  1. I have installed it.

    All you need to do is to create a simple html with a link to the downloaded script.

    do remember to change the extension of it to “airline_manager_auto_pilot.user.js”

  2. Another way to easily load the script is the following:

    1. Save the script in a file called: autopilot.user.js

    2. In Firefox, open this file. This will automatically bring up the install dialogue popup. Just select install.

    3. Go to the AM flight page and you should see the autopilot box in the left hand column.

  3. Thanks guys for the comments, sorry I did not test installing it directly from my page :mrgreen: .

    However, I am now making the final touches on the enhanced version and will do the install fix on it.

  4. Terrance: Could you please explain what isn’t working? Everything? Controlbox does not show up? timer? Do you see any error messages in FF “Error Console”?

  5. Hey I have installed it but it doesn’t work.
    (The add-on doesn’t show in the AM page)

    What can I do now?

  6. the control box doesnt show up at all.
    furthermore, the earlier version only show up once a while (if it doesnt show up i need to click overview, then click flight – repeat repeat till the control box is up)

  7. I have tested my code on 2 linux systems, 1 windows7, and 1 windows server 2003 and my conclusion to the cause of the problem (controlbox does not show up) is when using Firefox 3.6+
    All systems with FF 3.5.x was working fine.
    I don’t know why it is not working with FF 3.6, but i will work on it soon (after I finish my Lab project :) ).

    ** Please guys confirm your FF version and whether the script is working or not.

    BTW, my code uses cookies, so it might not work if cookies are being blocked/disabled (enable 3rd parties cookies, since AM domain is different from Facebook).

  8. Will C-Checks also start automatically as a part of the maintenance function?

    Great tool, working well so far!

  9. Not working at all on my system. Nothing shows up. Your evaluation though, seems to be correct as i’m running on FF 3.6.3.
    I’d pretty much appreciate if you could address this issue, as it appears to be a very promising tool.

  10. well I’m using FF 3.6.2 and yes your evalutation is correct, the control box doesnt show up.
    Lookin forward to an update that enables me to use it :-)

  11. V1.1.1 has indeed overcome the Firefox 3.6.x issue. Thanks. However, as of 08.Apr, after AM’s update, Repair and C checks have stopped working. Will there be a corresponding update on your script?

  12. Thank you for the great tool, hard work creating and updating the tool, and for the timely updates with details about how the it was improved. Your hard work is greatly appreciated!

  13. Working great for me so far, another excellent script. Thank you so much for this invaluable tool!

  14. I totally love it, I’m amazed by your coding skills, this is truely a masterpiece!

    But concerning the time between the Autopilot…I think it would be even better if you can choose a timespan (for example 30 Seconds – 3 Minutes) and the Script randomly runs in between this timespan…using my example it would be like: Flight – 2:45 Wait – Flight – 0:55 Wait – Flight – 1:30 Wait – Flifght etc.

  15. Thank you all of the nice feedback.
    Dave, I am not sure if I got what you mean exactly, but I think it is similar to what I am doing.

    So here is how it works:
    Let assume the default values that I used for the time = 8min and random = 4.
    What that means is the script will wait for a 8min + a random value between 0~4min
    which means the possible range is between 8 to 12min + random seconds too. and that will change for every iteration. (e.g. wait can be 8:45, 12:50, 10:00, 9:25)

    The other randomization is when the script loop timeouts (when timer gets to 00:00) it will do the following:
    OpenMaintenancePage > wait > Do C-Check > wait > OpenMaintenancePageAgain > wait > Do Repair > wait > OpenFlightPage > wait > Fly > (Stop and wait for the next iteration).

    the “wait” here is (4sec + random 0~3sec) + other waits if page is still loading.

    I hope it is clear now to everyone, and please provide me with your feedback and recommendations.

  16. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you . its working very nicely!!!
    you’re the #1!

    what’s your company name? best wishes!! :mrgreen:

  17. Bebo: if there is a GreaseMonkey plugin for IE then it should work, but I don’t think so. There is a GM like for GoogleChrome but it is still not complete and it will not work with my script.

    MKR: I have started working on the Ads but I stopped for my school exams and projects. Once I am done I will resume my work on this script, fuel and catering should be easy once I manage the ads. :wink:

    SOKRATES: My airlines is called: FADAIR Airlines

  18. Hi .. i think there is something wrong with the C-Check :( … for some planes it performed without problems … but for other it did not i still have some plane that s flying although the C-check time is overdue .. did i do something wrong ?

  19. Theodor – in my experience, what that indicates is that the plane had not hit the c-check time the last time it triggered a start routes.

    Fahad – great script. If you look into SuperManager (apparently unsupported & broken) – it may give you some tricks for ads, fuel, catering, etc.

  20. Theodor, what Will explained is exactly correct. Thanks Will.

    Will, i looked into that script, it relies heavily on jQuery which makes things very easy for the developers since everything is done in the background by that package, however, i used it before to do some tasks and as some users remember it caused a problem with FF3.6 when it was first released. So i tried to avoid using it and do everything myself.

    Now i posted the update to buy catering, and soon will include the fuel and advertisement. Also I will create a new post in my blog about the advertisement prices based on the information i collected.

  21. Thanks for the update Fahad – I downloaded it and started that one up this evening. Catering is a wonderful tool to add. Advertising & Fuel will be great too.

    Hope your exams went well – I do ***NOT*** miss those days. :)

  22. Thank you all for providing your feedback, it is very helpful to me.

    I need your help on how I should design the Fuel and Ads. (e.g. for Catrering, you set the type and amount and check the box so whenever it runs out it will buy again). So what should I but as controls? and how it should work? I would like to get suggestion that works for people at different level of the game (Beginners, intermediate and advance) as an example, now whenever the fuel is cheap i will up my tank to the maximum since my 400 airplanes consumes a lot of it and it is considered cheap at this point but when I was a beginner that was a waste of money. same thing for Ads. So should I make them run once and the user has to reset them every time he/she wants to buy something? or it should just go on and on filling the tank to the max?

    Waiting for your feedback….

  23. My suggestion is fuel should run similar to catering, with one addition – we set the top price limit and amount (including a fill to max option). That way if the applet triggers when the fuel is at anything at or below our top limit, it buys as much as we request (or as much as is fiscally possible).

    Ads – similar options – we set which ad, which price per ad, and how many days.

  24. I would like to see fuel work like catering, check the box if you want it, if you want it, then it will max your tank when the price drops below your set price.

    I would also like to see a similar feature for advertising. Check the box and it will buy adds for all routes when the price drops low enough. Maybe have an option for how many days, otherwise default it for 7 days.

  25. Thanks guys, for Ads I think it is easy since it is very similar to catering but fuel is actually not. Let me explain, assume you set it to buy at 400 or below and you set the amount to be e.g. 1000, then when the price drop to that much the script will buy, however that price will remain the same for an hour, so every time the script runs within that hour it will buy again and again. As I said before if you are a beginner filling up the tank with all the money you have is not a smart idea.
    I can set it to buy ones within that hour, but what if the next hour was cheaper! it will buy again.

  26. I have an idea … set up a limit of how much fuel to have in the tank :) … i believe this will satisfy everybody beginner or advanced

  27. Hello Fahad,

    I agree with Theodor, let people set a limit of how much to buy at a maximum price. If price the next hour is lower, then bad luck, but you still got a good deal. Otherwise they should have set their max price lower, than it would’nt have bought the first time.

    One more thing: What if more than 10 plains are ready for take-off. Does the script only sart 10 planes per cycle or does it ‘click’ on start routes untill there are no more ‘ready’ planes?

    thank you

  28. Thanks for this amazing script brother. But can you make a buy plane add-on for script? It would be really useful.

  29. Love the latest update, it runs well and now I don’t have to check the fuel price every hour to try and refill my tank. Thank you for all of your hard work, it is greatly appreciated!

  30. Thank you man!!!! Great work. Can you let me know how in AM I can fly with negative fuel ??? :)

  31. Nice one u have here.
    2 Tumbs up is my feedback.
    I would like to se a add-on were it change the routes to most demand auto, that would be realy nice

  32. @Murad:I already have a buy and sell airplane which i used to get the 200 airplanes achievements, i will try to integrate that into the next release.

    @2556: I cannot give you the details, but if you notice that after the fuel becomes zero or less the “Fly all” button disappears. Try to check that button while you still have fuel and see how it works ;)

    @Cenny: changing routes!! I want that script too :). Actually making that is very difficult since you have to keep checking different routes, demands, distances, and how many you already have…etc and you will need an access to an up to date database.

    For everyone, thank you for your support :)

  33. i know this but i mean actually to start an airplane when i have already negative fuel, like flying on credit. is this possible?

    1. @2556: Get the link of the button before your fuel is empty, then use that link again and again to fly. However, the link includes a random code to prevent using an old link, but if you keep on using it frequently it will last for sometime. If you can figure out how to generate that code then you can fly them for ever with no fuel at all.

  34. Hi mate, either I am too stupid to figure it out or the stuff is to good hidden. Could you please help me to tweak this in. COuld you put this function in your next release or simply email me the code line i would need to add yto your script to make it work? this really is a problem for me

  35. @ patnaik: I don’t know what is going on with your machine, but how come you get a Microsoft jscript error message if you are using Firefox!!! Firefox uses its own JavaScript engine and not Microsoft’s. Open the error console and see if you are getting errors. Try disabling other extensions or other GM scripts that it might conflict with.

    @ 2556: Send me a message using the form under “About” page (link on the very top of the page) and we can talk about it.

  36. I don’t know why but I couldn’t buy fuel with this script. I’ve checked it many times and still doesn’t work. ;/

  37. Thank you Fahad, great script. working fine with FF 3.6.9. and greasemonkey
    now showing an “a new update is available”
    whats the latest version?

  38. hey, how can i make this script work with opera. opera doesnt need greasemonkey to run scripts but these script doesnt seem to load up.

  39. @Azam: the latest version is 1.2.3, so if yours has the Fuel feature that is the latest.

    @Valentino: This script is designed to work with greasemonkey only (under Firefox), and I have used functions specific to greasemoneky so it should not work under other platforms unless they mimic those functions.

  40. I installed V1.2.3. But the auto purchase fuel doesn’t work. It only purchased Cartering.
    So can you add avertising feature into this script

  41. شكرا على السكربت الرهيب
    شراء الوقود لا يعمل.. ارجو منك التاكد منه

  42. cako: I stopped the development of this script due to lack of time and also interest in the game. So I don’t think I am going to continue working on it, however if anyone is interested I post the dev version of this code which has a bit more code and debugging stuff.

    Kevin: I have just testing the fuel function and it works, you just need to make sure that the fuel price actually what is there. So if you set the price to 400 it will only buy fuel when the price become 400 or lower.

    اصيل: لقد قمت بالتو باختبار شراء الوقود (كان السعر 600 فاخترت 600) وتمت عملية الشراء. ارجو التاكد من ان السعر ليس منخفضا جدا

    If you guys still have problems tell me, there must be something changed by the game developers, but i don’t see any right now

  43. The script still works great for me. I am sorry to see that you have stopped development on the script, but I would like to thank you for your time and hard work. The script is great and I will continue to keep using it, thanks again!

  44. Hey,
    I have to admit Great Job you have done a huge Thank You, In case you are accepting requests; what about adding a function for canceling the Route, but not 1 by 1, lets say in case the demand is under XX% then cancel these routes. Usually it could be used to optimize your route %.

  45. AM just modified their maintenance and c-check page. Seems like Auto pilot script not working for auto maintenance and c-check. Please Fahad, we know you are busy right now. but if u can spare a few minute to take a look at it. Please….

  46. Fahad, thanks so much for your hard work. I appreciate your dedication for this. I’ve been searching all over the web for your script and when I installed it, the “damn” AM changed the layout :( I would love to get your update as soon as you finish with it.

    Thanks again :)

  47. it works in AM pages

    i dunno how to setting

    please explain

    X min + X ramdom

    what if input number in X what reaction will be played please explain

  48. hello sir, thanks so much for ur efforts. can you also plz tell about the hacks and glitches in the system? any hack to increase SV? plz

  49. Hi, thanks for that great script that worked perfectly until today…

    It seems that AM did changed something in their flight pages so the auto start for the planes is not working anymore..


  50. “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”

    could you give me a little tip about where to look and how to look? i can do some c&p. so by doing this, you won’t get annoyed anymore because i will post a comment here which include new script.

  51. Thank you Olla for the help. I am trying to create a git repository for the script file under and see how can i allow others to works on the code and update it and an easy and trackable way.

    This is my first time to use git, so if you guys can help or know how can I allow others to make changes please do here or send me an email from the “About” page. Thanks

    Chris, I would love to explain the script in more details, but i though it was easy to understand :). So once I am done with this github thing i will try to add more comments to the code.

  52. I am working now on updating the script and adding some features. The work in progress can be found in the github (see link in the previous comment). Once I feel it is stable I will post the file here.
    Anyone willing to contribute, comment, suggest is more than welcome (here or in github)

  53. 1.2.6 is released with few fixes and features.

    Larra: try the new release it might fix your issue, i just tested it and it works. Could you elaborate more on what is happening?

    * To all: if you open the “Error Console” in Firefox under “Tools” (Select “Messages” to see less output) you will see the log messages from the script, it can help in finding what is the problem or what the script is doing.

  54. Hi there,

    Does the latest version of the script already take in acount the cargo flights ?

    Thanks for the info

    and one more time thanks for this usefull script ;)

  55. Phil: I don’t think so, since i never had a cargo flight and still don’t. i will see if I can buy one since i started playing again and don’t have much money now.

    Could anyone explain how are they differ from normal flights?

  56. Hi Fahad,

    you need 1500 pax bonus to enable the cargo options..

    OK no problems for the moment so I will wait and see ;)


  57. For what I can see …
    On the screen the cargo flights appear on a separate flight list called Cargo , it looks very similar to the normal flight list and we must start the routes as previously once the destination and type of cargo to transport has been defined.

  58. Hi Fahad. First of all, thanks for making this awesome script. I’m running firefox 4.0.1 on windows XP and everything works perfectly. I also tried google chrome 11.0 but it didn’t show up. Don’t worry though, lots of scripts don’t work on chrome and my main browser is firefox.

    However, I wanted to ask you something. You say “Even with all of these precautions this automating script can still be detected by AM admin if they want to”. How can they detect it? Do they look for patterns in the way it starts flights, or do they specifically look for your script on my browser, or how?

    I also have a nice suggestion regarding fuel. You should make the script give the option (i.e. another tick box) that if the fuel is negative, it automatically buys enough fuel tho bring it up to zero no matter what the price. Because as it is now, if the fuel runs out and the price remains high it won’t be able to start any new flights. However if you have only 1lb or more of fuel, AM lets you start the flights and you end up with a negative fuel. Then just buy enough fuel and you can start another flight. You actually earn more money by starting a flight than you lose by buying expensive fuel, so I think this would be a great improvement.

  59. Hi Fahad. Maybe you can help me. Today may 23th, I was running your script in firefox 4.01, and I delete the cookies, but after that the script stop work. I try to reinstal firefox and greasmonkey, and the script but nothing work. Could you help me? Tks, and congratulations for your excelent script.

  60. the error is “ : server does not support RFC 5746, see CVE-2009-3555”

    i think

  61. Luke: First, thank you for using the script and the feedback. Second, yes you are right it is the pattern that can be used to detect the script, since even with the added randomness if they did look into the history of 1 user they can still see some pattern like, catering/c-check/repair/fly/wait/…., but i don’t think they are actually bothered with this script since it makes some people to continue playing the game and i am one of them and I have never heared of any account being stopped because of the script. Also they cannot look for the script on the browser since they don’t have access, and after the 1.2.0 update i stopped injecting the code into their page so now they cannot see it. Regarding the fuel, your suggestion is nice and i might implement it if i have time, however, I have never run out of fuel even though I always buy at 400, the trick it to always buy fuel that will be enough for your fleet for at least two weeks and increas as you buy more aircrafts. Like with my current account i have 88 routes and i set the script to buy 200M lbs fuel, and when i had 450 A380 before I was filling the tank to the max. The only times that i ran out of fuel is when something goes wrong with the script or my internet connection.

    William: There is no need to delete cookies unless you were using a version of the script older than 1.2.0. Starting from 1.2.0 I store the sittings in firefox. Also the error message you listed is not related to my script, it is AM code and it is not an issue actually. However, It is possible that they had some problems at that time, are you still unable to use the script?

    SW: I finally reached the 1500 pax and activated the cargo. So i will set some routes and see how i am gonna add that cargo flying feature.

  62. Thanks for replying. I also stopped having fuel problems, because on the 26th of the month at midnight the fuel price falls to $50 per 1000 lbs, so I saved up $ 50 million that day and bought 1,000,000,000 lbs of fuel (as much as the tank can take!). That was 5 days ago and I still have 650,000,000 lbs :)

    What I meant though was that the script should automatically buy enough fuel to keep the amount positive, so that for small airlines that can’t afford to buy enough fuel for several days (eg. airlines that have just started playing the game), the flights won’t stop if the fuel price remains too high – the script will buy just enough to complete the flights but not waste money on more. This would be useful on those days when the fuel price spends more than 24 hours being above $400 and if like me, all the spare money is spent buying more planes! :)

    P.S. Do you know how to make the script work in chrome? The problem I’m having is that it just doesn’t appear at all in chrome.

    Anyway, keep up the great work, and thank you very very much for making and releasing this script! :)

  63. $50, that is a good deal, share some fuel with us ;). I understood your idea and i think it will be very helpful for starters, my only issue is finding a free time to implement it.
    The problem with chrome as far as i know that there is no 100% greasemonkey compatible extension. And it may take time to fix the issues there.

  64. “share some fuel with us” – I can do the next best thing – I can tell you that I got the data in the spreadsheet on this website:

    The “fuel” tab has a table of fuel price by hour and by day. On the 26th of every month at midnight the fuel price always falls to $50. I used to use that spreadsheet to plan ahead and buy enough fuel to get me to the next “low price” period when my airline didn’t have money. Nowadays I make so many millions that fuel isn’t a problem any more :)

  65. Thanks Luke for sharing that with us, I did collect fuel prices before after I finished the Ads pricing, but I could not see a pattern and thought it was really random! I think I was expecting it to be weekly like the ads and not monthly.
    Anyway, i have a good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that the implementation of greasemonkey in chrome is not complete, and some of the main functions (GM_functions) are not implemented, and i use them to save and load setting, open URLs and also printing debugging info. However, the good news is that there is an extension called “tampermonkey” which now support almost all GM features, at lease the one i use since I tested it and I was able to do repair, c-check, fly…etc. I found small errors and working on fixing them. So try it and report what you find. (The error i found is related to “split” and “filter”)

  66. I tried tampermonkey. Awesome extension – all the scripts that wouldn’t work started working now!

    I got your Airline Manager script to show up, but at first it wasn’t working. It would just revert to the “overview” page instead of starting the flights. Then I un-ticked the “C-check” and “Repair” options, set the “delay” and “random” to zero, and it worked!

    Fuel purchasing works fine.

    It seems to have no problem starting more than 10 flights in the same batch, but re-starting the next batch of flights (after 2 hours or so for Dassault Mercures for example) doesn’t seem to work if I leave it unattended. It just reverts to the overview page and says “stopped”.

  67. I tried 1.2.7 and it is awesome! Works perfectly in chrome with tampermonkey.

    The only things I edited were the delay, which I made 1000ms + another 1000ms random (instead of the 4000 you set, because it was taking way too long to start all 600 of my flights) and also I changed the absolute starting position to 80px instead of 100px, because now that the box is bigger to fit the new checkbox for cargo flights, it covers the word “account” in the airline manager page in its current position. So I moved it 20 pixels up. It looks much better that way (the bottom edge of the box lines up with the line on the AM page like the 1.2,6 version did) – you should try it, I think you’ll like the result!

    Can’t wait until you impliment advertising :).

  68. Wow. Nice upgrade! I really like how you explained the “fuel rescue” function in just one sentence… it took me a whole paragraph hehe.

    Only small problem (only a matter of preference, nothing critical) is that now I can’t highlight the numbers in the two boxes (“min” and “random”) because when I slide the mouse across to highlight the number, it captures and moves the whole box instead. But I like how it can be moved around now, it’s a huge improvement.

    The only way it could get any more awesome is if it automatically did advertising and sold my small aircraft, bought bigger ones and automatically assigned them routes based on which is the longest one (from the database at that I haven’t assigned yet. But of course then there wouldn’t be anything left of the game to play ;)

  69. Luke: i got that fixed (in 1.2.9a still not released) by adding a title bar for moving the box. Ads should be next and also selling/buying aircraft. Routes however is complicated and will need a real hard work and time to get it done nicely :(
    Also i am thinking about making the delay/rand delay changeable from the box in case someone wanna make it less or more :)

  70. @ Fahad – that would be awesome. Can’t wait. I can just imagine how hard it would be to do automatic routes, you’d probably have to parse locations from the database and goodness knows how hard it would be to determine which route comes next and how to do it… yeah, I think I’m content with that feature remaining just a dream :).

    I think it would be a good idea to make the delay changeable. That way we can set it up according to connection speed. My connection even changes speed according to the time of day (faster at night) so it would be quite useful.

    @cheating buster – true, but if it wasn’t for this, most of us would be so bored with the game that we would just stop playing it and do something else. So this is in a way good for the devs because we keep playing the game.

    I wouldn’t call it cheating, because all the script does is click the button for you. Cheating would be a script that would let you buy planes and fuel without having to pay for them, or one that lets you start flights and have them finish instantly instead of waiting 5 hours. *That* would give people an unfair advantage. But *this* doesn’t. It’s just for people (like me) who would rather not spend their time clicking the same button 200 times a day. It still takes strategy and knowledge to get ahead in the game, the script isn’t going to give you automatic success hehe :)

  71. @Site reported – what a spoilsport you are. Do you realise that reporting the script makes you a prime suspect as a user of said script? How else would you have discovered this website. Now they know the name of your airline. Who do you think will get the last laugh?

  72. *sigh* I see your point. I don’t personally mind. If I get banned, I will simply stop playing. The script is the only reason I still play AM. It would be way too boring without it because I’d have to click the “fly” button 70 times about 2 times a day and put up with a slow internet connection, dropped data and so on. Now, putting myself in their shoes, I can’t imagine how they’re going to catch script users. The code itself is undectable so that’s a dead end. The actions done by the code are the same thing a typical AM player does (fuel, ads, start flights then fix the planes), so you won’t be able to see the difference between the script and a dedicated user who starts flights every 15 minutes (except at night) like I used to do before I got bored and started looking for scripts.

    Changing the URLs won’t work either because it’ll be a simple procedure to make the script work with the new ones. And overhauling the entire AM code base is another dead end because it takes too much development effort for practically no return.

    In short, I understand now why you would report the script, but I can’t see how that’s going to do anything. If airline manager can be played by clicking a button in your browser, then it will always be possible to write a script to click that button for you. And if that’s not possible, there are programs like Axife Mouse Recorder that can record and play back an action by taking control of your mouse pointer (useful for clicking the “start flights” button over and over and over…). Oh, and this isn’t the only script. You should head over to or do a google search. I for one will be seriously impressed if the devs actually manage to do something to stop us.

    Interestingly, farmville didn’t care about scripts. In fact many members in the bot community I was a part of actually made it a mission of theirs to try and get banned by cheating badly enough, but no one ever managed. I don’t see why AM has to be any different and ban the use of scripts.

  73. The boring part is clicking the “start flights” button repetitively. Managing the airline (deciding which aircraft to upgrade to next, buying fuel, advertising and catering, choosing routes etc.) is the fun part. If the button started 700 flights at once instead of just 10, then we wouldn’t need scripts and everybody would be happy, I think.

    I still manually log on every day and start the script, but yes you do have a point there.

    It’s worth the risk because if I get caught, well, no hard feelings. I will simply stop playing. And come back here to write a “you win” message. It is only a game after all.

    On the other hand, playing without the script is too painful an experience – with my internet being as slow as it is it would take me 20 minutes every day to start all my flights, and I’d have to do it all over again every couple of hours. In other words, I’d rather not play at all than play without the script, but playing WITH the script is more fun than not playing for now.

    P.S. I’m probably going to be a very hard player to catch because I don’t leave the script running all the time, I just use it to start a ton of flights all at once, a few times a day. I’m pretty sure that there are non-script users out there that start flights more frequently than I do, so it’ll have to be a pretty good method the devs would use to tell me apart from them.

  74. No, actually the developers will not get the last laugh – the users will. Because if they ban all the script users, they lose click through revenue…

    Go ahead and report it. If the developers figure out how to track it and start banning every script user they’ll just be shooting themselves in the wallet.

  75. Thanks you guys for defending the script :)
    And for the developers, have you guys made any donations to my website? I got you many new users and kept many others playing! ;)

    For me any many others clicking and clicking is not fun, if you read my post you will know that I wrote this script after i was bored of clicking. If it wasn’t for this code I would of left the game like many of the other FB games. With the current design of the game there is more of physical challenge than mental, you have to use your fingers more than your brain to get higher ranks, so such script will take care of most of the physical part and let you concentrate on strategy and planing for your routes and aircraft.
    As what Luke has said, games like farmville did not ban any cheaters (as you call them) even though many of the automation tools are not free and the people who made them are making money, but poor me wasted a lot of time to make something free and open source. If you read through the comments you will see that I found a way to fly the aircraft with no fuel, yes no fuel but never enabled that in the script since i considered that as cheating.

  76. Thanks for the awesome script and all of the recent updates! This script is the ONLY reason I am still playing AM.

  77. The new one looks really nice, and works great as usual. Thanks for continuing to update it ;)

  78. Dominic: You can contact me through the “About” page, the link is on the top. And for the donation you can use the paypal donate button which you can find on the right side right below the “Categories”. If this is true, then this will be the first donation :).

  79. Dear Fahad, What’s your AM company name please ??, also how can I Facebook you ??
    another thing, Is there any way that I make your script turns into Running “GREEN” status automatically upon opening the Airline Manager page ??

    Thanks in advance

  80. When launching flights, why does it always go back to the flight page and than launch, I have 500 routes x 2 = 1000 times I went back and forward [back=Flight Page Forward=Starting routes page]

  81. Muhammad: I have told about my AM name in a previous comment, but I have restarted playing again after getting all achievements, not it is a small airline. Also I have implemented what you asked for, it will be in 1.2.10.

    Airlines: I do that in order to see the remaining flights, however, i just noticed that they have added a fly button in the result page, so I will see how can I update my script to use that. thanks..

  82. Fahad: Special thanks for your concerns and for your attention to my wish “Auto start on load”

  83. Muhammad: Your are more than welcome, I should thank you for the idea, i myself found it very useful coz i don’t need to click Start every time i open AM.

  84. hi Fahad…i just install your autopilot for my AM, it’s very incredible stuff i ever found.
    but is it legal to use this autopilot since i read at previous comment, someone said that it’s illegal…

    btw i’m from Indonesia and i’m sorry for my bad english..

  85. @Site Reported/AM Moderator: it’s to bad to heard this script is illegal. than i should uninstall the script :(

    sorry Fahad, i will uninstall your script from my AM.. :(

  86. Illegal – as in, against the law? How is that possible, AM’s just a game…

    Guys, please remember that you’re breaking the TOS by using this script, so never, ever give your airline name to anyone on this thread. Fahoud, be careful about the people who pm you asking for your airline name – you never know if they’re mods in disguise ;).

    And another thing, use a fake name on this forum, like I am. If you use your real name it’ll be easy for the devs to find your airline and delete it.

    Now – Mr. Site Reported – how does the detection program differentiate between a real player and a script that mimics a real player’s randomness (like this one) and does not inject its code into the vulnerable parts of the browser?

    And how is the running of this detection program on EVERY AM user easier on the server than just ignoring the small handful of users who use this script and not wasting server resources on detection programs?

    In short… I think your comment is like those British “TV detection” vans that claimed to be able to detect colour TVs and thus catch people who didn’t pay for their TV license – just a scare tactic :). The fact that me and my tiny airline are still here speaks volumes about the new detection program I think :).

  87. Thanks guys for your replies, and Luke for the advices.

    For people who still enjoy clicking and clicking and want to keep on playing AM no matter what, please don’t risk it by using automation scripts like mine,,, use your finger and mouse :p

    In my case, i don’t really care if they suspended my AM, I will just move on and play another game.

    About the detection, it is still possible. The things I did might make it a bit more difficult to detect but as a developer I can tell you that it is easy to detect such scripts, but is it worth the time and hassle!! i don’t think so unless it is some “REAL” cheating, which i don’t consider this as cheating, it is just like hiring a secretary to do the clicking for you ;)

    I have been using the script for over a year now (look at the post date) and I still use it… and look at the many times this script has been downloaded, no one has reported to me that his/her account has been suspended.

    Note to AM Developers: Do you guys wanna hire me to catch cheaters who uses my script :devil: ;) :p

    … what people!! X( i wanna make money and buy a PS3 move :p hahaha
    hope you all have a good day and enjoy automating…

  88. Well, like Fahoud, if I’m caught I will simply play something else, not that big a deal. Thing is, you say that we’ll be banned “if confirmed” – so how is the conforming done? I can think of a simple way but I’m not going to shoot myself in the foot by writing my idea here (at least not yet) hehe.

    Fahoud – I’ve had some problems with the latest script (running in firefox). It’s not starting cargo reliably (sometimes it manages, most times it doesn’t), and in these last 2 or 3 versions it’s not buying any fuel when the price falls below the set limit. Do you have any idea why these problems might be happening and maybe fix them please? Thanks for listening. :) And thanks once again for the great script!

  89. Luke: I am running the script myself with no issues even for fuel, there are however some inconsistency in flying aircraft and cargo but it is mostly because of the buggy code from AM developers :silly: :-P .
    How low did you set the delay to be? since the problem is if it is too low the script might move on to do other things before the HTTP request of previous tasks are finished. If that is the case then i might create two different delays, one for fuel which is long enough and one that you can set to be short for flying.

    Also open the “Error Console” you can use “Ctrl+Shift+J” on both firefox and chrome and look under Console Logs/Messages for the messages from my script and see what is going on.

    If anyone else is having similar issues please report them.

  90. The delay was set to 0 + 5 random all through yesterday when it was having problems. I tried taking it up to 1+5 with same results. Today morning I set it to 2 + 5 and it seems to be starting everything perfectly now. I guess that must have been the problem with the cargo. Sorry for the false alarm!

    Re: fuel, for the last 5 days I had left it set to “fill tank” and 400 but it never bought fuel when it fell below 400 (I didn’t see it fall to 400 myself personally, but I’m using a fuel schedule I found online somewhere that says it should have fallen to 400 for example today at 10am UTC+1). I set it to “999999999” instead of “fill tank” and it worked today morning! So looks like I may have jumped to conclusions before testing all the possibilities thoroughly. Sorry about that :unsure:

    The error console is cool :cheerful: . Nothing particularly wrong with it except for two things in the “errors” tab saying “cargo is not defined // javascript:%20cargo” but I assume that’s an AM problem because it’s not on the “messages” tab like everything the script says.

  91. Luke: I hate you :pinch: ,, i wanted to test the Fill Tank but i made a mistake and bought fuel for real at an expensive price!! :w00t:
    [Fuel Purchased $764,723,345]
    but at least it proves that it works :biggrin:

    I still haven’t tested the “Lucky Fuel”, I missed it last time since i was waiting for it on the 26th, but in my time zone it is the 25th :whistle:

    And for the time, if you put 0 + 5 that means the delay can be any value between 0 and 5 seconds, so it might not wait at all, and that should never work unless you are on the same LAN with the AM servers, hmmm, do you works for them!!! are you the moderator in disguise :ninja: ? hahaha
    And for time 2 + 5 means it can be between 2 to 7 seconds.

    BTW. I am working on having a forum and move all this discussion their, since it should be easier and not slow down my blog. I setup Vanilla Forum, looks cool and simple will add a link to my blog once it is done.

  92. Haha :devil: . Sorry, it was all part of my top secret plan to make everyone buy expensive fuel :biggrin: . No, joking aside, it wasn’t working for me before because there’d be whole days when it wouldn’t buy anything, then it suddenly started working yesterday. It could be one of three things, either the script wasn’t working, or else the schedule I have is wrong and fuel never went below 400 when I thought it did (like I said, I wasn’t checking fuel price myself, I just assumed it fell to 400 with the schedule), or the AM website was “under maintenance” at that time.

    I realised about the 0+5, but 4+5 takes too long between actions. 2+5 works perfect with my internet connection. It most certainly isn’t direct :cwy: . I could certainly use one though, because I can’t count the number of times it would get stuck loading a page and I’d have to refresh it :pinch: .

  93. I posted a beta version of the script (ver. 1.2.11a) with advertisement support on the forum, if you like to help then please sign in to the forum and try it.

    For any bugs you find kindly report them to the same thread and try to include the (console messages/error log) along with your report so I can find the problem easily.

  94. yeah i thanked u in the forum. thanks for the cheats but its not very helpful since its too hard to get pax points for now. any other ideas?

  95. autopilot again not functioning … 1.2.12 versions will not run automatically start route

  96. I think AM devs hate me a lot :-D

    Come on guys, I don’t like “Dan something” coz that guy has a dirty mouth. But i like the rest :heart: :biggrin:

    It seems that they have finally found me, even though i kept on posting my airline name, info about me and so on…..!!
    They did not just suspended my account, they banned my IP :w00t: ,, seems like they don’t even want me to get near.

    since i cannot access the game now i won’t be able to fix it again. but i have some great ideas that will make it easy for me to keep up, and hard for them to stop the script. but that a BIG step and will take time to do.

  97. Hahaha, i really made him mad.

    – First of all I put a disclaimer to tell and warn the people about what might happen, and everyone here knows that I have NEVER said that they cannot be detected, so STOP lying about that.

    – How can someone succeed at a game that has no ultimate goal? I have played the game before, got all the achievements! then what? keep on clicking?

    – Don’t act like you are smart or something, finding such a script is easy not a rocket science.

    – I love the truth, that is why i am keeping this to show people who is the scumbag.

    – Failed!! hahaha, I actually won, look at you, look at how mad you became, and what you did to many users or AM…. I made this script and I enjoyed doing that, i have learned a lot about JS, GM, CSS and soon will master PHP too, so that is winning for me.

    – If you want to know what script I am using you can find it on this page, there is a button that says DOWNLOAD and IT IS OPEN SOURCE too, also it is on with all changes. I will add more comments to make it easy for you to understand,, but it seems that you are actually the IDIOT and you cannot read!

    – And again you insult innocent people because you have no respect for others, SO TELL ME WHAT IS WRONG WITH BAG PACKERS AT WALMART!!!! not having the chance + luck that other people had does not making less that you. I think you need to learn manners and respect others no matter what. I feel sorry for you.

    Anyway, there is a donate button up there if you like to support the script development, since it seems that my script kept many users on playing your game which as I said at the beginning of this post and I say again is boooooring. I have some ideas to make the game interesting, I can share them with you if you like, but if you like it to keep it like this then it is up to you AM man :silly:

    I am not gonna delete this nor i have deleted any of the comments above, unlike you who deleted every thing i said on the AM message board because you did not like what I said. :ninja:

    To my sweet and lovely users and visitors :wub: , excuse me for keeping such a horrible comment, but I wanted you to see the true AM dev this “Dan thing” and his moral attitudes so you can understand why I released the cargo cheat to the public, something that I kept hidden for a long time.

  98. You’re the one who loses Dan – you and anyone else who works on AM. Tedious clicking is not “playing” – the way to PLAY AM is to evaluate routes, determine the best planes to buy – buy them, market them and then let a script do the silly boring crap of clicking to fly the routes.

    Deleting users who use this script (or other scripts) shoots yourself in the foot. Look at Zynga – they know there are dozens of scripts, including autoplayers that do pretty much everything… but they don’t really care. They talk big, but don’t do anything about it. I know people who’ve played Zynga games with auto players for months (or over a few years), are very powerful & successful in the game and Zynga has NEVER disabled their account for it.

    And your whole loser attitude and the comments you posted here confirms to me that I will never play airline manager again. I’ve deleted AM from my facebook – when “moderators” have such contempt and scorn for players – there is no reason to provide them with a continued support.

  99. Hmm, seems like I’ve pissed Dan off too :)

    I’d just like to clear up the fact that you never said anything rude. You called me an [****] with a [***] in my mouth. Here’s the message:

    The nice thing about this forum is that you can’t delete any messages you don’t like. See, I was gonna shut up and move on with life (in fact I stopped playing the game and deleted Lukestrom Airlines), but you dragged me into this so I’m gonna dish out some more of my drivel (to quote you).

    Oh, and if your idea of failure consists of being an engineer at a Part-145 maintenance facility where every day I get to help fix Learjets, Bombardier Challengers, Cessna Citations and other business jets (and sometimes the odd diamond DA40) and get paid for doing it, then yes, I am what you would call a failure.

    P.S. I still don’t understand why you’re taking this personally. AM’s just a game after all. It’s not like we spammed your facebook account or stayed posting naughty pictures in your inbox. So why the hostility?

  100. Thanks again for the awesome script. It seems that finding ways to work around AM’s more tedious elements is more fun than playing their game. I for one am rooting for you!

  101. hello there!

    Please update the autopilot script because the AM had many update and the auto pilot run slow…

    good luck!!


  102. Hi, Thanks to this great script. But it seems not work out recently. It can’t do “start Routes” and the maintenance is fine. what happened? :ermm:

  103. hey bro it seems airline manager got an update fly routes doesn’t work any more :(:( care to give it a look plz :)

  104. Nano, thanks for the update.
    I was working with some guys on the forum to solve it and I did the same fix but one was reporting that it doesn’t fly all or something like that, and that what kept me from releasing it. But if you say it works then it does.

    All, i have checked that file, and it is legit. grab your copy, or wait until i release it with other small fixes.

  105. The script need a last change, in the cargo page the fist and the second “Start Routes” buttons are both “a” tags, not “input” and then “a” like in the flight page.

  106. Hey guys, the script is broken again but while I was working on fixing it I noticed this message along with AM code, which means it is from AM developers not that stupid Dan something.
    Anyway here is the message:
    ” Our chance of improving this game is getting worse, while constantly having to take counter measures trying to disable your script ”
    ” Please consider this, as we all want Airline Manager to be improved. Thank you for your understanding ”

    Since the Dev asked nicely, and I like the way he communicated with me, clever :happy: , I am going to stop further development of the script.

    However, as a final gift to the script fans and since I have already fixed the code before I see the message, i have uploaded the latest version 1.2.17 on my github account:

    To the dev, kindly keep my script users happy for few days before you block them :happy: , and wish you all the best with your game.

  107. Thanks for the final update.

    I can’t say that i don’t understand what you are doing, but i think i can say in my name and i in the name of all users of the AM Auto Pilot, that we are all sad about this. :cry:

    I wish you luck in your new projects.

    Thanks for the this wonderful script.

  108. hahaha. Your post actually made me fire up airline manager for the first time in two months. The comment is still there, attached to the code of the “start routes” button.

    Congratulations on making this script so good the dev himself had to ask you to stop! :)

    For script users who still want to play the game without the pain of clicking the start button 30 times in a row, use a mechanical form of automation. Download some mouse recording software (for example the demo version of Axife Mouse Recorder), and record yourself clicking the button once. Then set the repetitions to about 30 and press play, and the software will click the mouse for you.

    Of course it’s nowhere as useful or intelligent as the script, and it occupies your mouse unless you do it from inside a virtual machine (here’s where the freeware VirtualBox comes in useful) – but at least it’s better than clicking. And the dev should be happy because it doesn’t give you an unfair advantage and is almost undetectable (unless they have a way of spotting that your mouse keeps clicking the exact same pixel on the button over and over).

    Last option, if you want a new challenge, is to play a more elaborate airline management game, like Airline Mogul (free), AirwaySim (paid, online) or Airpro (paid, offline). Though of course none of them gives you the satisfaction of beating your facebook friends like AM does… unless you’re caught using the script or having multiple accounts and silently get banned :whistle:

  109. Robo: I appreciate you being a fan of my script and all other users too, if it wasn’t for you guys i wouldn’t of wasted my time updating the script even though I have stopped playing the game for like months. Also me, you and other players are doing this for fun while the developer is doing this to make money, so I don’t like to be the person to make him loss.

    I hope you guys will understand, and thank you Nano for helping and your wishes too :happy: .
    The code is still there, it is under the GPL license so anyone can have access to it, change it and do whatever.

    My site will stay active (as much as i can), i will just focus on other stuff, and also the forum is there for anyone who need help with anything related to computers, networks, and security.

  110. Hey man, thanks for all your work… We apreciated what you do… but on last thing. How i upload the scrip? i alredy using this, i downloaded and nothing happens.. can u help? tks so much

  111. Very well then
    thank you 4 everything :angel:
    i will wait & follow your next pieces of great work :-D
    but i’ll hope someone willing to continue to improve autopilot script and post it in this blog :whistle:
    but once again thank you…. :biggrin:
    wassalamualaikum :happy:

  112. hi rodrigo
    after you downloaded the script.rar
    extract it and open with notepad
    then ctrl+a, ctrl+c
    i’m using chrome & tampermonkey
    so right click in tampermonkey icon on upper right chrome
    then choose option
    in line on edit colums press edit this script
    just ctrl+a, ctrl+v then save, close it
    the end :sleeping:

  113. i think my dream to be able to have 500 A380-800 and cargo route will not be realized without this script.

    i can’t enjoy playing AM without the script, the different time zone make me almost impossible to get cheap fuel and advertising.
    so maybe i will decide to stop playing this game soon.

    anyway, thanks already help me to killing my boring time and make me enjoy playing AM with your script. I meant it ;-)

    I think you never thought about players from other parts of the world, it’s hard for player like me to grow, since the schedule of cheap fuel and advertising are always at a very difficult time for us to get online.

  114. Hello I’m trying to start my regular Flight not cargo, with Auto Pilot and i dont hace the option to start regular Flight


  115. I have installed the autopilot but it only refreshes the page again and again and does not start the routes. I am having 6 planes… but the autopilot does not start the flights.

  116. Hey guys i’m developing a Airline Manger like game for facebook, for now i’m calling it AirlineSim, i’m trying to do diferent all the things are boring in AM.

    My website are stil not available in english, but i made a post in english about AirlineSim:

    And if anyone have some idea to sugest please comment in the post.

  117. Nano, the page won’t open! is your site up and running?
    I think it is time to start writing an Autopilot script for AirlineSim :biggrin:
    Anyway, I will definitely help if I can, what language are you going to use for the game development?

  118. Nano – looks promising. What I suggest is making it also accessable outside of facebook. Like how farmville is accessable from and not just through the facebook app.

    Also I hope the final version will have some nice graphics for the buttons and icons :-P

  119. Nano: I like your ideas, and wanna suggest some more:
    1- Enhanced stock market, the stock trading in AM was useless, if you are poor you cannot afford them, if you are rich they are not important. I only traded stock just to get the achievements. Not sure how it can be enhanced but we can think of ideas later.

    2- I love the idea of buying old aircraft, and I would like to suggest allowing owners to trade their own and set the price and for buyers to keep on watching the market looking for good deals. Also you can add e.g. %10 or %20 bonus for both seller and buyers if they are friends on facebook or in your game.

    Adding features and bonuses that are linked to friends will make people invite their friends and the game will grow faster.

    However, all of these are features that you can add later. but while developing your code and database keep these in mind so you can integrate them in the future. And as Luke said get some nice graphics but also try to keep it light weight.

  120. Thanks guys, great ideas…

    Fahad – I’m developing in php with a MySQL db, some graphics will be done in Flash (only using vectors and with low client side processing, to keep light weight), i will also need a server side application to keep updating the db while the user is not playing.

    The idea of allowing the players to trade planes is great, but we need to do it with some precaution. And the about stock market, for now i can’t think of nothing to make it better, but i sill thinking…

    My site’s server is not very good, i can acess from here now.

    Luke – I will concentrate my efforts in making the game enjoyable to play, the graphics i will keep it simple, unless some one help-me with it.

  121. For stocks, one surefire easy way to make it a little better is to make it reflect the real world. In real life, a company or airline only makes money from stocks the very first time it sells stocks to the public (called the Initial Public Offering, or IPO).

    From then on members of the public trade stocks with one another on the stock exchange. The stock price depends only on supply and demand. If everyone wants to buy the stock of a particular company (high demand), but almost no one wants to sell (low supply), the stock price will go up. And vice versa. Of course, the supply/demand is influenced by how well the company is operating. If it’s almost bankrupt, everyone will try and get rid of their shares, the market will be full of supply and no demand, and the stock price will fall.

    Bit complicated to put into the game. You’d have to have an “IPO” feature where new airlines without a lot of money sell a certain amount of stock to the public (in this case, other airlines) and earn enough capital (starting money) to speed up their expansion by buying extra new planes etc. And then you can have to have a stock exchange where airlines trade stocks. In AM the stock price is a simple function of company value – in the real world this is not the case.

    Another idea is to use the same system as AM, but remove the silly 200,000 share limit to address the issues Fahad highlighted. That way rich airlines can afford to invest a large amount of money by buying a couple million stock, and thus they can make a large amount of money too.

    A third idea is to get rid of the stock system entirely, and instead make it an investor system, where for example a rich airline (call it “X”) lends another airline (call it “Y”) some money to finance expansion. The money goes directly to Y’s bank account so that Y can, for example, buy a couple of A380s without waiting months to save up the money by itself. And if Y is successful, then somehow X should be paid back, plus some profit. Couple of ways of doing this – either Y pays back a percentage of profits for a certain period (say 20% for 4 weeks), or pays back the initial lump sum plus interest, or some other way. In real life, when a rich person invests in a business, they normally agree beforehand how the rich person will be paid back and end up gaining more money from the deal than he originally put in. So possibly let the airlines pick from a list of options of payment, and make it so both airlines have to “sign” the agreement before it starts.

    Also, if airline Y goes bankrupt, X loses all the money (or however much wasn’t paid back by the time of bankruptcy). It would be a lot like the risk of real life investing – so airlines will only invest in airlines run by people who know how to play the game (like the people on this forum 8) )

    Hope these idea give you something to think about. Oh, and best of luck with the new game. I hope you have a decent monetisation strategy to make your hard work pay off. Oh, and if you need a proofreader and/or English corrector, I’d be happy to help!

  122. P.S. Fahad, the background seems to have stopped appearing after post #148. The comments after that point are alternating between black font/white background and grey font/grey background, which is hard to read.

  123. Nano: right now just focus on the main game all other stuff can be added later on as expansions. since it will be easy to debug and fix all problems with the game if you start small.
    what Luke said about the stock exchange is great, but i think it might be an over kill for you. And to be honest, that can be a game by itself which i have thought about before and wrote some notes but never got the time to start working on it.
    A simpler suggestion for stock, is to keep it like AM, remove the limit (or increase it) and give the stock owners some revenue from the profit that airline makes based on how much they own. So if i need money to buy fuel, aircraft..etc and i don’t have any i will sell some of my stock (it should be somehow expensive to be worth selling), and rich airlines will buy them (if they are not too expensive) since they will be getting revenue from other airlines while they are doing nothing.
    Any way, i am waiting to test your alpha version, good luck.

    Luke: what browser did you use? i am looking at it with both firefox and chrome and it looks ok. Do you have some add-ons that might have altered the content?
    And dude, thanks for the awesome information IPO and stock exchange.

  124. You’re welcome :). I’m using firefox 8.0 with a couple of normal add-ons from microsoft, adobe, facebook, google and apple.

  125. Hey Fahad, please update the script the AM was upgrade the game… the autopilot won’t start unless you hit the flight tab… thank you it would be a great help to us..

  126. AJ, a couple of comments ago Fahad said that he stopped developing the script. Maybe Nano or some of the other commenters are still working on it.

    I myself stopped playing AM at about the same time when the script development was stopped.

  127. Luke, I hope Nano or other IT guys here update this script upload in this site just a link where we can download. because i don’t know how to find the amended tags.

  128. Dear guys,

    I joined NANO forums for AIRLINESIM but I noted that there are no activities there, so please any one know another way to contact NANO,


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