Airline Manager Secrets and Cheats

NOTE: These cheats do not work anymore

I am going to list here few tricks and cheats that you can use while playing airline manager on facebook. But be careful as some might get you banned from the game. For all of these tricks all you need is Google Chrome browser or Firefox with the Firebug add-on.

1- The BIG Money maker

For this cheat to work you need to have cargo planes, so get your pax points up and buy the cargo feature. Once you buy your cargo plane (get one that can carry big load for short distance, it makes more money) start creating its route (again demand is important,  distance is not) but stop at the point where you need to sign a contract. As you can see most prices are about $1.0 to $2.5. So pick any of these contracts, lets say the first one, and right click on the “Sign” button, from the list you will see an item called “Inspect Element” click on that and the browser will open a small box at the bottom of the page showing you some HTML code of that page and the code for the button you right click on is highlighted. See the picture:

Now double click of that highlighted part of the code, and it will allow you to edit. Look for “tcc=x.xxxx” where the x is a the current price of the contract. Simply change that value to whatever your like, the limit that you can set it to is $99,999 per lbs. Don’t set it to high or you will be noticed 8)

Now, click on the same “Sign” button which you modified the code for and you are done. You will be rich in no time ;-)

2- Buying more than 10 aircraft at once (Thanks Luke for this trick)

For most aircraft, pax and cargo, the limit that can be bought at once is just 10 (i don’t know why, seems that they like you to click and click more), to get more than that at once, maximum you can get is 99, go to the page for buying the plane you like, like in this picture:

then right click on the drop down box for the “Amount to purchase” and select “Inspect Element”, see the picture:

in the above picture click on the part of code that is highlighted with the second red oval, click on the code to change the number from value=”1” to value=”99” or whatever number you like, but 99 is the max, see picture:

You are done, set registration name and click “Buy aircraft”.

I am sure you can use the same method to do other tricks and make playing the game easier. But my number one recommendation is to use the Autopilot script ;) that will make you on the top 10 list like me

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  1. Hi

    I follow the step you mentioned above to purchase aircraft upto 99. But when i do “Right Click” on amount to purchase, nothing happen like .. anything do i need to do ?


    1. when you click on amount to purchase, updated browsers show you something like inspect. rather than inspect element as in older versions of browsers. so left click on inspect…….and follow the processes our dear aid here asked us to do. thank you

  2. Robert, what browser are you using? if it is Firefox, do you have the Firebug add-on installed? if Chrome, you don’t need anything since it has that feature built in.

    So simply right click on the box that shows the number, and the browser will show a menu.

    However, if they are using some scripts to stop the right click menu, then you can use other tools to counter that ;)

  3. Hi

    Now i used Google Chrome.
    I can right click and see the “Inspect Element”

    then i edit the words in “Element” tab as follow


    But, after editing and then put registration and press purchase, but only bought 10 . not 99 :(

    anything i need to do ?


  4. Thanks for the trick

    the The BIG Money maker is not working, can you please confirm the trick is still working.


  5. dear sir
    i am willing to pay you a good amount of money to provide me the best cheats to help me win and stay ahead on airline manager…i am in number 200th place right now..but we have over 1.1 trillion dollars in cash…if we invested that we would be in the top 20-30…but i dont want to do that until we have a very large lead…i need the cheat like you use to have that is a auto pilot and i am willing to pay you by wire transfer deposit if you can get me into number one place…name your price…email me [email protected] name of airline is TYCOON airlines thank you Dominic

  6. To “AM moderators”: I want you to know that you are not welcome here, and I don’t want you to post anything on my site anymore. If you have to write something, write it on your own site.

    To “Airline Manager Developer”: I promised you before that I will stop working on the script, but if your game moderator keeps on posting here, threatening people I will go back and continue the script development.

  7. Fahad, can you figure it out how they set the price? so that you can make again a new cheat ? and please continue making script.. they updated the game already ..

  8. Hi, i am trying to find this script but not able to get, i have select inspect element in chrome. It has thousands of lines but dont where to select. Pls help


  9. hi i have this problem. Amount or A/C reg was not entered correct
    When purchasing a new aircraft you should give it a registration so that you can identify it
    please help me.

  10. Hello Author
    When i’m going to buy more than 10 A/Cs at once, It says a message with Red Area that means it says “INCREASE YOUR ACCOUNT”. I don’t know why it is happening.

  11. whats the point in ploayign if all you losers just cheat all the time.
    so you move to the top, what does that show you? that youre a loser that cheats at a video game?
    you need to get a life

    1. We enjoy cheating :), the game as it is was not challenging at all and is actually boring. We simply enhanced the game.
      But anyways it seems that you cannot read, since I wrote at the top of this post that I stopped the development of this cheat YEARS ago, but I think you are the one who doesn’t have a life and spend his time digging old archives simply to complain. Get a life.

  12. Hello i just happen to find myself here.. editing values in the inspect element does not seem to work for me. it only shows on the current web page but when refreshed, it goes back to normal. what do i do. i tried changing the price of some A/C.

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